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About Pink Heels

Despite an ongoing campaign to stop color prejudice, pink remains the identifying color for women. If work attire requires a solemn palate, like monochrome neutrals, pink heels answer the call of girlhood. Even if you managed to avoid such stereotypes your whole life, the power of pink is still tangible. When you're wearing black and white corporate, baby pink heels give you an understated and subtle friendliness. For a presentation or meeting with superiors, pink and black heels blend femininity with sophistication and provide an overall go-getter vibe. It says you're a woman and you work hard. Pink is a casual pastel supposedly meant for home and garden, love and friends, but in the right kind of pumps matched with the right attire, pink can make you a boss. You can find a wide selection of pink heels from the reliable sellers on eBay.