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About Pig Costumes

Halloween is all about wallowing, whether in candy or in elaborate costumes, and nothing wallows quite like a hog. You can get down into the proverbial mud with a pig costume, perfect for a costume party or a romp out on the town with your friends. A kids' pig costume is a great way to get your own little piglet out trick or treating with a minimum of fuss. Both children's and adult pig costumes are actually quite simple, incorporating a pink bodysuit of fleece, cotton, polyester, or other blended fabrics with a curly tail on the seat and piggy ears worked into the hood. The pink rubber snout is held against the face over the wearer's nose with an elastic strip, completing the ensemble. You can find and purchase a pig costume from the vast inventory available on eBay. It is a fun, cute costume that is not too high maintenance, and if you get it dirty, it just adds to the realism factor.