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Backdrops have been used since the first days of portrait photography, the 1840s, when Count Sergey Lvovich Levitsky began using changeable scenic backgrounds for the daguerreotypes he made in his Paris studio. Lighting was easier to control indoors, and the backgrounds could be painted so the subjects appeared to be next to a waterfall, a snowy landscape, or a seaside resort. These days backdrops are more often used to create a neutral background or as a green screen to superimpose an image on digitally later, but you can still find Christmas hearths, sunny beaches, and autumn woods among the numerous photography backdrops found on eBay. And if you want a basic muslin backdrop or a green screen, those can be found here, too.

About Photography Backdrops

Pictures are worth a thousand words, but backgrounds are worth millions. In grey, green, and panoramic floral patterns, photography backdrops give you, family, and friends plenty to talk about. From novices to experts, photographers of all skill levels use backdrops to set scenes, create moods, and generate dramatic effects using light, shadow, and color. For beginners, investing in photography backdrop kits with basic background shades, tents, umbrellas, and lighting equipment is a good way to start. You can find simpler backdrops in basic colors like white for a modern, crisp look. Others feature scenes of iconic travel destinations and inspiring images such as flowers and palm trees. Others, like Christmas photography backdrops, display seasonal themes for special occasions. Some photography backdrops feature digital images, while others are hand-painted. Most backdrops come in vinyl, which highlights the effects of light and shadow. Backdrops and kits vary in size and complexity. They contain at least one standard-sized 10x12 foot backdrop screen, but they often have more. Some sets even fold up and store easily for transportation, while heavier ones do best set up on a permanent site for ease of use. On eBay, you can look for the new or used backdrop you need to set the scene. Ordering from reliable sellers ensures an award-winning finish.