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About Patch Cables

With your friend on your drums, your brother on the bass guitar, and you playing the lead guitar, you start jamming in your garage, making a ruckus and having a blast. Suddenly, your guitar patch cables stop working, leaving your guitar solo completely inaudible. Without proper guitar patch cables, your electric guitar is reduced to a mute piece of wood and strings, incapable of making anything but a super-silent sound that can only be heard in a quiet room. Even the mightiest of guitars are rendered useless without a patch cord, which is why this is such a vital part of every guitar players gear. If you play lead, you likely need multiple patch cables, maybe a pedal patch cable or one that connects your guitar to a stomp box before connecting it to the amplifier. You can find the right cable, such as a Fender patch cable, on eBay from one of many reliable sellers. Buy some patch cords and continue rocking out as long as you want to.

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