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About Oxygen Sensor

David walked into his garage and could smell a strong fuel scent, which was not normal. He began looking around everywhere, but could locate no fuel leaks, and then it finally dawned on him that his oxygen sensor was faulty in his vehicle. This sensor is responsible for measuring the amount of oxygen that your engine is taking in. A universal oxygen sensor can fit on any vehicle and syncs with the vehicle to provide the right data to the engine's computer system. One of the other benefits of having a working oxygen sensor is that your vehicle can control its emissions. If you have a bad sensor, the emissions are no longer controlled and can cause pollution. When the sensor does go bad, you can tell because you will likely smell fuel coming from your vehicle, and your vehicle might burn more gas than it should. An oxygen sensor simulator helps you test your sensor, and tells you if it is not properly working. The device hooks up to the vehicle and analyzes the data. If you are in need of a new oxygen sensor, check out the reliable sellers on eBay.