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About Outfit

Rachel is thrilled with her new job at the ad agency and she is eager to begin work Monday morning, but first, she needs a new outfit or two and without spending all of her yet-to-be-earned paycheck. She turns to the clothing marketplace on eBay where there are literally hundreds of pieces of clothing, shoes, and accessories in new or excellent condition. How could she go wrong? First, Rachel looks through the women's outfits and finds a classic navy lightweight wool pantsuit, which she can pair with any top and dress up or down. This will be great for power meetings. She finds several skirts in floral prints and geometric designs and a few new tops to match them. She even finds an outfit lot in her size. The bundle of size six clothes includes two silk tee shirts, four pair of slacks, one winter sweater and two summer sweaters, one wrap dress, and two pair of darling shoes. This is perfect. With these outfits, she is ready to dress to impress.