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About Oakley Whisker

Ultra lightweight, ultra stylish, and ultra engineered to protect eyes, a pair of Oakley Whisker sunglasses are the ideal mix of Oakley technology and a fashion forward look. Oakley utilizes a patented C-5 alloy in the Oakley Whisker frame to create a structure that is slender and flexible and provides you with a comfort fit that lasts all day. What's more, unlike many Oakley sports glasses, the Whisker has a look that works well at the office, on errands, or even on a date. The Plutonite lenses in the Whisker feature full UV protection as well as impact protection at ANSI Z80.3 standards. Unobtanium in the earsocks of these sunglasses keeps a secure grip on the wearer that only increases as the wearer moves and sweats. You also have the option of looking for Oakley Whisker polarized sunglasses that have an Iridium coating, as well, creating heightened contrast and reducing glare in your field of vision. Find your ideal pair of Oakley Whisker sunglasses by looking through the large inventory on eBay and get the best of technology and style from this popular brand.