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About Nutcrackers

You have always loved the ballet, and in particular, the beautiful story of Clara, who experiences a vivid dream of sugarplum fairies, the Mouse King, and a nutcracker who turns into a handsome prince. At the holidays, wooden nutcrackers of a soldier or king remind one of simpler times long ago when many gifts were handmade with love. Nutcrackers were originally used to crack nuts, but in modern times, the nutcracker is mostly used for decoration, especially at the holidays. There is a wide selection of nutcrackers available, all ready to be wonderful gifts for your home or for a friend. A brightly colored, vintage nutcracker dressed smartly in his uniform with his weapon at the ready can decorate a mantelpiece. Collectors may be interested in the exquisite detail of a Steinbach nutcracker. Children also love to play with a nutcracker and open and close his mouth. There are many sizes available from minis to large-size nutcrackers as large as 12 inches. Some nutcrackers may also be used as Christmas tree ornaments. Whatever your interest, explore the huge inventory of nutcrackers available from reliable sellers on eBay and treat someone to a unique and memorable gift.