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About Navajo Bracelets

Navajo bracelets are often made of silver with large pieces of turquoise and coral. Turquoise is a blue or green mineral often found with copper. The Navajo traditionally believed that turquoise would help them with hunting and discovering water. Bluer varieties of turquoise are more expensive than green stones. Gray or brown veining or spider web patterns also add to the price. Navajo coral bracelets are popular for their bright red color. Coral resembles a rock, but it is actually the skeleton of an animal that lives on the bottom of the ocean. The calcium carbonate skeletons form coral reefs over time. The Navajo people have made jewelry for hundreds of years so antique Navajo bracelets and other items are plentiful. Authentic Navajo items are more valuable than items that were not actually made by Navajo artisans. You can use reliable sellers on eBay to find the best Navajo bracelets for your sense of style.

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