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About Mini ITX

Roger is installing a new home theater in his basement. He's gone all out starting with the PC system, which includes a mini-ITX, the deluxe screen, the acoustical padding, the comfy leather chairs, to the well-stocked refreshment bar. Roger chose the mini-ITX computer in part because it is so quiet, using a low-power passive cooling system. The mini ITX motherboard lined up with the holes of the ATX motherboard and slid in like a charm. He found a used ITX system on eBay for a great price and was able to complete the installation quickly and easily. He's kind of handy that way. His wife has been downloading movies on their new Roku device and stocking the bar with popcorn and drinks, candy and even hot dogs. When they guys come over this week for the 007 movie marathon, they will hear Moneypenny and not the whirl of the computer. It's taking a lot of work to get things all ready, but it should be a great weekend; after all, you only live twice.