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About Leather Belt Pouches

Americans call it belt pack or fanny pack, British call it bum bag, Canadians know it as waist wallet, and to the South Africans, it is moon bag. Whatever name they go by, leather belt pouches are a clever invention. The pouch itself is big enough to hold your money, credit cards, keys, and other small accessories, yet small enough not to be a hindrance. The attached straps go around your waist, leaving your hands-free for shopping or talking over the phone. The contents are within easy reach, safe inside zippered pockets and always under your watchful eye. Any tourist or traveling salesman cannot survive without his brown leather belt pouch. If all you want to carry is your mobile phone, get the belt clip holster case on eBay. There are leather tool belt pouch designs for the professional handyman or the DIY enthusiast. With multiple pockets of differing sizes, it securely holds all your tools in place as you work. The neutral color of most leather belt pouches matches any outfit, but these are available in funky colors if you so desire. Once you strap on your pouch, the only problem is not wanting to take it off.