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About Lady Dior

Men tend to enthuse over cars while the ladies prefer their handbags, and nothing makes a style statement like a Lady Dior bag. These time tested pieces are still considered the height of fashion today. The Lady Dior line prominently features a two handled bag, most commonly seen in a quilted leather pattern with the signature letter charms fastened to one of the handle links. Originally offered in black, beige, white, and red, Dior now sells this design in pastels such as peach and aqua, but the classic black with gold hardware is still the most popular of the line. Reliable sellers on eBay list brand new and used authenticated Lady Dior products including the Lady Dior patent, which is the ultra-sleek and shiny patent leather version of the same design. Be sure to look for bundles that include a matching shoulder strap and a storage container to prevent damage to your prized Lady Dior bag.