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About KVM Switches

A KVM switch (which stands for keyboard, Video, and mouse) is a device for techies with split personalities. Actually, no—they just allow more than one computer to be controlled by the same input-output devices. Modern devices also allow use of multiple USB devices (a USB KVM switch). The number of computers that can connect by the switch is equal to the number of ports. There are 4-point KVM switches, 2-point KVM switches, 8-port KVM switches, and so on. The gadgets are useful when you have more computers than users, and no need to have each one hooked up to its own keyboard, mouse, and monitor. Say you have multiple servers each with a different set of data; one user at a keyboard and mouse with a KVM switch can access all of them, up to the limits of the switch, of course. All the hardware can be readily found on eBay from reliable sellers.