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About Kraft Papers

Pull out the art supplies, roll out the Kraft paper, and you have a fun activity for a rainy day, One that will keep the kids—or you—busy for hours. Kraft wrapping paper has so many uses, it has been a staple not only for wrapping packages but also arts and crafts, for generations. The fact that it's recycled paper and recyclable makes it appealing to the eco-conscious consumer, too. Turn to eBay's reliable sellers to find brown Kraft paper in all sorts of sizes, from narrow 6-inch rolls up to 36 inches and even larger. The paper also comes in a variety of weights depending on your needs. Heavier products such as 75 lb paper are much stiffer and thicker than 35 lb paper, which is still a bit heavier than the 20 lb weight of copy paper. You'll also find scissors and a paper dispenser to make rolling out your Kraft paper easier. Clear the table, roll out the paper, gather your supplies, and let your imagination lead you.