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About Kinder Eggs

To a child, chocolate combined with toys is Christmas and Disneyland all rolled into one. The unique design of Kinder eggs truly makes them a double delight. The egg-shaped wrapping has a vertical partition along the center. One half contains chocolate and white chocolate goodness, and the other sealed half contains a surprise toy. Kinder chocolate surprise eggs have Disney characters, miniature cars, and seasonal themed toys. These are either packaged as a set of small parts to be assembled or, less frequently, as a single unit. The paper instructions for assembly are very easy and fun to follow. Kinder egg toys within a plastic capsule are vintage collectibles. You can find different colored capsules on eBay; yellow, resembling yolk, is the most common. This original design, with a hollow 2-layered chocolate shell holding the capsule, is not manufactured anymore because the small toy parts are a choking hazard. Kinder eggs are the perfect surprise for an Easter egg basket or a birthday takeaway bag, but you really do not need an excuse to grab one anyway.