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About John Adams Coins

Show your respect to the Founding Fathers by adding a John Adams coin to your collection. Inspired by the second president of the United States, as well as first vice president under George Washington, these coins come from the nation's presidential coin program that were minted with a face value of 1 dollar. John Adams 1 dollar coins feature an engraving of the president and circulated from 2007 until 2011. Any coins printed after 2012 are made for collector purposes only and cannot be used for purchase. Find John Adams presidential dollar coins on eBay in commemorative cases perfect for collectors and protection. Find uncirculated coins minted in 2007 and 2008 that hold added value because they never made it into the nation's money supply. Coated with gold plating, John Adams coins offer pristine sparkle and shine and stay that way when protected in sleeves, specialized envelopes, cases, and coin books. The back of the coin features an engraving of Lady Liberty in the harbor. Add a unique feature to your collection when you invest in a John Adams coin.