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About Jenn Air Grills

The taste of freshly grilled vegetables and meats is one of life's great pleasures, and easily achieved with a Jenn-Air grill. Theses grills have a reputation for providing quality designs and a comprehensive range of features that turn your grilling station into a complete meal experience. Those who like the taste and flavor of char grills have Jenn-Air gas grills to consider. These grills have user-friendly features that make using gas less intimidating, including continuous electronic ignitions and tank pull-out trays. You can even convert a propane grill to a natural gas grill with an optional dual-energy valve. Jenn-Air electric grills include indoor and outdoor solutions. An outdoor electric grill can offer separate grill assemblies in one unit so that you can cook two different items at different temperatures confidently at the same time. Jenn-Air also offers indoor electric grill components that you port with your rangetop. With downdraft designs that clear the air without a hood, and alternating cooking surfaces such as grills, griddles, and radiant or coil elements, you can enjoy all the advantages of outdoor cooking in your kitchen. Explore the large inventory of Jenn-Air grill options on eBay to find the ideal solution for your home.