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About IBM ThinkPads

Imagine the sight of a sea of black laptops. This must sound familiar if you've ever walked into a board room, airline traveler's lounge, or a corporate office. With the original model garnering over 300 awards to its name, IBM ThinkPad is one of the top business computers in the industry, evidenced by its many accolades. The ThinkPad line is one of the most recognizable and popular laptops in the IBM family of computers. Now produced by Lenovo, there's a model for almost every type of person. The T-series, particularly the ThinkPad T60, for example, is ideal for business professionals. This model was the first to feature the speedy Intel Core Duo processor and up to 4 GB of RAM, providing plenty of space for files and photos. The R-Series, on the other hand, was geared toward light users and non-professionals, though devices in this series, like the ThinkPad R51, still packed a punch, especially when it came to mobile and wireless features. Whether you want a new or used IBM ThinkPad, reliable sellers on eBay can provide you with many models to choose from, no matter your personal or business needs.