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About Hypercharger

Travel across the open road listening to the howling sound of your hypercharger. The extra boost in power gives your motorcycle the push it needs to fly in and out of mountain passes and open roads. Unlike conventional air filters, these units give your motorcycle the stylish flair your desire, with an aggressive chrome dual-inlet housing. A Harley hypercharger varies in several different styles according to the motorcycle it is mounted to. Install a Sportster or VTX hypercharger featuring twin inlet ports and extra air vents to help create the best cold air circulation for your engine. Hypercharger air filter systems are available through the reliable sellers on eBay. Search all these great and organized inventories and find your next performance filter. These stylish filters feature the right look to keep onlookers focused on your ride, and also gives you the gains in performance that help keep that smile formed on your face as you ride into the next sunset.