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About Herpa

Do you ever look wistfully at your child's toy cars and long for the days that you could still play with them yourself? Thanks to Herpa, these childhood toys become collectibles, as these German-produced miniatures offer adult collectors a way to create their own diminutive world filled with cars, planes, trucks, and tanks. Herpa crafts detailed miniatures of brands like Audi, BMW, and Fiat that look so real, you are likely to wish that they were larger so you could jump in and take off to distant lands. Maybe you have always dreamed of having your own Porsche? Now you can own one, though it may just be a bit smaller than you imagined. You can even get creative and set up your own diorama such as an airport, city, or parking lot using imaginative products like lighted homes, little people, and buildings. Child's play? Maybe, but in a slightly more grown up way. Herpa products are available on eBay in new and vintage condition from reliable sellers to allow you to hit the open road; the miniature open road, that is.