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About Height Sensor

Sometimes even minute inequalities in suspension can leave your car thumping and bouncing where it used to provide a smooth relaxing ride. A height sensor can detect these inequalities so that you can adjust them properly on your own time without dragging yourself and your car to an expensive garage every time your suspension falls the slightest bit out of whack. A Lincoln height sensor is specially keyed to the suspension systems of many Lincoln models and uses laser level technology to detect whether or not you need to get in there and set things to rights. A Lexus height sensor performs the same service but is designed specifically for use with Lexus models. With one of these tools, you can take the care and maintenance of your car into your own hands and stop relying on professionals for problems you can easily learn to fix yourself, achieving greater independence and developing skills that can serve you for decades. You can find a height sensor through the vast inventory of car maintenance accessories on eBay.