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About Guess Watches

Crystals, stainless steel, and rose gold combine to create a beautiful piece of jewelry. Guess watches feature all of these elements to give you high-end jewelry with the function that a watch provides. Both men's and women's Guess watches come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, with watch faces in both digital and analog formats. Two-tone metal Guess watches are popular for those who cannot decide between rose gold and white gold. Case widths also come in a large range of sizes, from smaller 9 mm watch faces up to extra-large 39 mm faces to meet most personal design preferences. For those looking for the quality and durability that Guess provides, the sellers on eBay offer new, used, and vintage Guess watches to meet many different needs. Vintage watches are available with chain and leather band options and feature a range of different rectangular and circular faces that have been popular through the years.