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About Ghillie Suit

You have always wanted to get great nature pictures, but those pesky deer seem to spot you and flee before you snap a shot no matter how patient you are. A ghillie suit is not merely useful for soldiers and hunters, but anybody that needs to remain unseen in the wild. First invented by British gamekeepers, the first military ghillie was used by a military formation during the Boer Wars. Since then, the ghillie suit has come a long way, being extremely useful for all kinds of different purposes. If you need a ghillie, it is worth considering exactly where you intend to be stalking your prey, be it with a camera or a gun. Many ghillie suits are made with rough, hemp, and hessian materials that are dyed or sprayed predominantly green for use in jungles and forests. If you want to stay hidden in a more arid or desert type of landscape, you can also opt for a desert ghillie suit made with lighter colors similar to that of the hardy plants found on dry plains. Whether you are looking for a ghillie suit for use in desert, jungle, or even arctic terrain, you are sure to find everything you need thanks to the vast inventory on eBay.