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About Gentle Giants

To call you a Star Wars super fan is almost an insult. You are not just a super fan, you are a super mega fan, and your house (and your garage, your car, and the shed out back) is filled with vintage-inspired Gentle Giant action figures, a life-sized Luke Skywalker cardboard cutout, and every Han Solo item that you could find at every convention, yard sale, and thrift store you have ever visited. Reliable sellers on eBay are Star Wars mega fans themselves, and they have exactly the Gentle Giant bust of Darth Vader that you need to finish off the Death Star collection for your den. Pick out the Star Wars Gentle Giant action figures inspired by those old Kenner toys that you played with when you were a kid, and take home memories of your favorite film and your favorite childhood heroes. From Boba Fett to Admiral Ackbar and from Darth Vader to Darth Maul, you can easily find a wide selection of Gentle Giant figures and toys when you shop online. Convenient shipping options give you more time to spend searching for new figurines and make it simple to surprise your son with his new Star Wars toys.