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About Geiger Counter

You never want the worst to come, but you also want to make sure that you are prepared if it does. A Geiger counter is a key item when it comes to essentials that are necessary in any survival kit. Geiger counters detect radioactive emissions, such as beta particles or gamma rays. They can also determine the amount of radiation absorbed by a human or mammal. Geiger counters have a number of practical uses including as a tool that mineral collectors can use to detect radioactive rocks. They can also be used by fire, police, or Hazmat personnel trying to determine if radiation is a factor in an emergency. You might not need one for your job, but they are still beneficial to keep as part of your survival kit in the event of a nuclear incident. There is a vast inventory of Geiger counters on eBay, allowing you the opportunity to find the version that is best suited for you. Collectors might appreciate some of the vintage models, such as a cold war era, civil defense Geiger counter.