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About Game Pieces

If you have ever had the distinct displeasure of accusing Colonel Mustard of murdering Mr. Boddy in the study with the top hat from Monopoly, then you know what an inconvenience missing game pieces can be. Unfortunately, these mishaps seem inevitable, as board game pieces tend to be tiny and easily lost when game boards are "accidentally" flipped or hurled across the room in the heat of competition. In addition to filling in the miniature gaps left behind by their fallen comrades, vintage game pieces can also double as excellent material for small-scale crafts, such as charm bracelets. Find whatever you need to keep the game going on eBay. With the excellent deals available on new and used game pieces from reliable sellers, you will never again have to suffer the double indignity of landing on the "Go to Jail" space and having to escort your S-tile from Scrabble directly to lockup without passing "Go" and without collecting two hundred dollars.