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About Flexees

Whether you have something special going on or it is just a regular day, you want to feel that you look your best. With Flexees, you have the confidence that you look as toned as possible. Made by Maidenform, each piece is seamless, so there are no embarrassing lines and bumps under your clothing. You do not want to have some bumps smoothed out, only to add more in with your shapewear. Each camisole fits lower on your hips, so there is overlap between your briefs and the shapewear on your upper body. This keeps you from having that muffin top effect right where you want it the least. Maidenform's panties are also seamless and they fit snugly without cutting off your circulation. The material, a nylon and Elastane blend, is thin but holds in everything that you want held in. The pieces pack well for travel and they are barely noticeable when you wear them during the day. With the vast inventory on eBay, you can find just the right Flexees pieces to round out your wardrobe.