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About Firewire Cable

You need to transfer some files from your iMac to an external hard drive, but the supplied cable only fits on one end. A FireWire cable that is compatible with other devices can soon solve this issue, but there are several different types of cable to consider. FireWire is a popular way of transferring information between digital devices. It is faster than equivalent USB devices with one of the versions capable of transfer speeds in excess of 700 Mbps. Despite the fact that Apple originally developed the technology, an Apple FireWire cable is supported by both Apple and Windows operating systems. This allows for seamless transfer between Microsoft and Apple devices but the connections are usually different. A FireWire-to-USB cable will allow you to transfer files between FireWire devices and the ubiquitous USB connection that is more common with desktop and laptop PCs. Whether you are looking for an iPod FireWire cable, a lengthy cable for use between rooms, or just a compatible USB cable, you can find a huge range of cables and adapters on eBay.

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