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About Fender Stratocaster MIM

For many guitar aficionados who desire the best sound and depth of tone, it all begins and ends with the Fender Stratocasters; however, for some guitarists, a typical Fender Stratocaster is just too rich for their budgets. That is where the Fender Stratocaster MIM makes for a terrific choice. The MIM stands for "Made in Mexico" and delivers Fender's classic Stratocaster styling, such as three single-coil pickups feature ceramic magnets, rosewood fretboard with medium jumbo frets, vintage-style synchronized tremolo featuring a high-mass bridge block, C-shaped gloss maple neck, contoured alder body, parchment pick guard, five-position neck pickup, and chrome hardware. Multiple colors are available, such as the candy apple red Fender Stratocaster MIM and black Fender Stratocaster MIM. Several Mexican Strats finishes are available as part of the vast inventory on eBay including brown sunburst, midnight wine, Lake Placid blue, and arctic white, among others. So, if you want to play a Strat just like your favorite rock god or country music strummer, but still have enough money for an amplifier, guitar case, effects pedals, guitar cords, guitar stands and everything else you need, consider purchasing a Fender Stratocaster MIM.

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