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About Feeler Gauge

With your car giving you difficulty starting, using a lot of fuel, and having trouble accelerating, you have determined that it is time to replace some spark plugs. To properly install these current transmitters, you will need to use a feeler gauge. A feeler gauge set is an assortment of thin metal sheets in different widths that you use to measure the distance between two objects, and the gauges help you determine the proper placement of your plugs to ensure they fire at the most efficient temperature. The metal sheets are connected on a hinge so you can easily flip to the correct size that you need. Before you purchase the tool, you will need to determine if you need an SAE or metric feeler gauge. SAE stands for Society of Automotive Engineers, and measurements are listed as fractions of an inch, whereas metric tools are listed in millimeters. You can buy two sets to cover your bases, or you can find sets that include both SAE and metric measurements to meet your needs. Once you are ready to change those spark plugs, remember to also order a feeler gauge, which you can find in the large inventory available from trustworthy sellers on eBay.