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About F250 Bed

There is something women like about a pickup man; maybe it is the truck, and maybe it is how he looks as he climbs in and out. That is, of course, assuming the truck is a powerhouse Ford F-250 with an attractive F-250 bed installed. When you need to buy a replacement bed for your F-250, there are several things to keep in mind. Some beds come as the F-250 pickup bed only, with no extras such as taillights or a gas tank cover. Bumpers sell separately, as do tailgates. The bed might include F-250 bed side rails or a liner already installed. Many F-250 beds fit a range of truck year models, although they might not match each year model perfectly. For example, a bed designed for a newer model F-250 still fits a 1999 truck, but the gas tank cover is a rectangle instead of a circle; Ford changed the tank cover design in 2011 to a rectangle. A large inventory of single-wheel and dually F-250 beds exists on eBay, to help you get back to hauling loads and attracting the ladies.