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About Digivices

You played with them when you were a kid, but they are still around today. With your very own Digivice, you can control and take care of all of your Digimon. These "digital monsters" were virtual pets released by Bandai in 1997. The monsters need both feeding and training in order to become big and strong enough to head into battle mode with a friend's Digimon. Plus, you have to make sure that you clean up after your Digimon or you are going to end up with a sick monster. D-Power devices upped the ante for players because now you could swipe a card through a slot on the device to influence your Digimon. Powers range from allowing Digimon to evolve to all sorts of other powers. The D3 devices, on the other hand, let the DigiDestined battle against the evil forces of the Digi universe. No matter which Digivice was your favorite, the vast inventory on eBay means that you can find just the right ones to rebuild your Digi empire. Better yet, introduce the Digiverse to your kids, so the Digimon can carry on.