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About Diff

When maximizing the power and performance of your vehicle, the parts that require the most focus include the engine, the transmission, and lastly, the differential device. For those unfamiliar with this part, before the power created in the engine reaches the tires, the diff aims this power towards the tires and acts as the final gear reduction in the vehicle, slowing the transmission speeds and ensuring that the line between your engine and your tires are optimized to their full potential. Additionally, when turning, your wheels spin at different speeds, and therefore, that same power created in the engine can be distributed to your four wheels evenly and can greatly improve your turning performance as well. Although there are different types and styles of diffs for various cars, trucks, ATVs, and other vehicles, you can actually visit eBay to discover your next diff case, diff oil, diff locks, or any other differential gear in brand-new condition from reliable sellers near you. Making sure that the power and roar of your engine is efficiently being distributed to your tires can become a reality with a performance-quality diff.

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