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About DDR2 ECC

After you decide to start doing your own record keeping for your home business, you know that data corruption simply cannot be tolerated under any circumstance. If memory integrity is paramount for you, regardless of your computer uses, DDR2 ECC RAM may be what you need. DDR2 ECC RAM is for people who want proper data storage at any possible cost. EEC stands for "error-correcting code," which means that this RAM detects and fixes the most common varieties of data corruption, keeping your data secure. If your important computers needs a speed boost, pick up 4 GB DDR2 ECC RAM. Alternatively, for an even bigger boost in speed, go with the 16 GB DDR2 ECC option. You can find this type of sophisticated memory on eBay, available from many reliable sellers. For all your business computing needs, purchase EEC RAM, and do not take any chances with your important personal records and those of your customers.