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About Coin Boxes

As a small child, you looked at your father with admiration every time he put his spare change into his small coin storage box. Now, as an adult, you realize that your dad had found a unique way to save money for a rainy day. You smile down at your small son as he watches you place your spare change into the wooden coin box you found from the one of the reliable sellers on eBay. You patiently explained to your son just as your father had explained to you about the difference between a storage box for spare change and a wood coin box for collecting rare coins. To demonstrate, you take out your most recent acquisition, showing your son the Mexican cigar box you purchased from eBay. The cedar box came in a lot and now houses your 90 percent silver coins from 1888 and 1889. The box itself is approximately 12 inches long and has two slide-out drawers cut into it with a hidden drawer on the backside of each drawer. Your son looks up at you with wide eyes, as he delicately touches each piece of silver, dreaming of the day that he’ll have his own treasures to store.