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About Clive Christians

The first time you saw a Clive Christian perfume, you thought it was all looks and no substance. Sure, it looked like something from the royal wardrobe, but, after wearing it, you agreed that it was indeed a fragrance worthy of royalty. Although there are only a few fragrances under this brand, they are all exotic. Take the Clive Christian No. 1, for example. Its scent is rich without being brash, and you can distinctly detect the amorous undertones of amber and ancient Indian sandalwood. For a truly spicy perfume, choose the X men's fragrance and its woody scent blended with orris, ginger, and cardamom. If you desire a rare perfume, the 1872 fragrances are what you need. Clive Christian 1872 for Women has a citrus scent, but its heart note comes from Rose de Mai, a rose that only blooms for three weeks in May. With the wide selection of premium fragrances available on eBay, picking out a Clive Christian perfume is the most exciting shopping you will do today.