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About Civic EP3

As the highest performance version of the Civic, a Honda Civic EP3 represents the ultimate in Honda engineering, giving anyone from off-road racers to car tuning fans a well-engineered vehicle they can work with. This hatchback vehicle was the second generation of the Honda Civic Type R and is still a go-to vehicle for everyone from mainstream drivers to tuners into body mods. Many EP3 owners modify the core body design of the Civic EP3 with an EP3 lip on the front bumper or transform the entire chassis with a full body kit. Keeping these vehicles in mint condition also requires a wide array of Civic EP3 parts, many of which owners can access on eBay. Whether in search for a small component such as a new gearshift knob or a larger piece such as an EP3 spoiler, sellers found on eBay have the variety and convenient shipping options you need to keep a Honda Civic EP3 on the road and as relevant as ever.

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