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About Challenge Coins

Silence fills the air, twining around the smoke, as people hold their collective breath waiting to hear your answer: "Well, do you have one?" You slyly hold out your challenge coin and the bar erupts in laughter. Now the person who asked you the question owes you a drink of your choice. The military challenge coin tradition dates back to World War II when such a coin saved a soldier from execution. Since then, the coins have evolved into a hobby, game, and proud military heritage. They are not limited to the military, however. Many groups and organizations have their own unique items, typically featuring an insignia or special motto. Firefighters, police officers, colleges, fraternities, and clubs use them to commemorate events or mark members. Challenge coin lots are a great way to start or add to an existing collection. Collectors display the coins in special holders to highlight the intricate and often colorful designs. Browse eBay for thousands of listings from reliable sellers offering a vast selection of challenge coins.