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About Campaign Hats

If you imagine yourself charging alongside Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders as they stormed the San Juan Heights during the Spanish American War or joining sides with the Blues or the Grays during the American Civil War, then it goes without saying that you should look the part. Campaign hats from various American military conflicts can add a bit of vintage military look and history to your wardrobe while still keeping a current vibe. Recording artists like Pharrell Williams and Usher are bringing military campaign hats, with their high crowns, brown color, and broad, round brims back into style as an interesting addition to street style. Vintage campaign hats from the World Wars and older conflicts are not the only styles available, however. It is not unusual to see Vietnam vets with custom baseball caps showing their campaign honor and medal ribbons emblazoned across the crown. These newer baseball styles allow for more functionality and increased wear. Find a vast selection of both custom and vintage campaign hats from a number of military conflicts on eBay.