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About Butcher Blocks

A beautiful butcher block may not transform you into a gourmet chef overnight, but it will certainly add a "there is some serious cooking going on here" vibe to your kitchen. This wooden wonder is hugely popular in today's kitchen design thanks to its aesthetic appeal and practicality. Made from sturdy hardwood, a butcher block is warm and inviting in appearance, easy to maintain, and possesses some natural antibacterial properties, making it ideal for kitchen use. That wonderful, homey appearance is attained by bonding wooden strips together to form a striped or checkered finish, depending on the cut of the wood, and reliable sellers on eBay offer a wide selection of blocks for your convenience. A butcher-block countertop is an affordable alternative to expensive granite or quartz and makes a lovely decorative accent around the sink area. A butcher-block island is the pinnacle in a kitchen. It is outstanding for creating warmth and ambiance in the hub of the household where the whole family naturally gathers.

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