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Shop the large inventory of men's clothing including a huge selection of men's Brooks Brothers dress shirts!

About Brooks Brothers

You consider yourself a casual dresser, but every once in a while, an occasion arises that calls for classy attire. Brooks Brothers provides a wide selection of classic clothing for men and women of all ages. Founded in 1818, this store boasts the title of America's oldest clothing retailer. The company focuses on offering timeless pieces that energize your wardrobe. Men do not need to fear being underdressed at a formal event in a Brooks Brothers Italian suit with matching wingtip shoes. The brand also offers a wide variety of blazers and ties if you want to look stylish without being formal. There are even non-iron dress shirts, giving you the assurance of looking polished without the worry of wrinkles. Women delight in the brand's stylish apparel that provides everything from jewelry to cashmere sweaters to glamorous dresses. Classic button-down shirts provide staple pieces to dress up or down. Stay warm and well dressed in a camelhair polo coat, or add a touch of elegance with a beaded cardigan. Browse the vast inventory of Brooks Brothers apparel on eBay to find clothing that is sure to put you on the best-dressed list.