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About Bow Strings

Your archery bow is only as good as the string you use, and a quality bow string is often the difference between success and just barely missing the mark. Professionals recommend using the lowest strand count that your bow tolerates to achieve the best performance. To avoid breakage when you shoot, strings that support a higher tension use a higher strand count than those that have a lower tension limit. For example, bows up to 40 lbs commonly use 12-strand string, while those up to 65 lbs use 16-strand string. As a general rule, archers use directly drawn string and hunters use compound for shooting arrows. Custom and compound bow strings are designed to fit specific equipment in order to work properly. The length of the endless loop style of string is slightly adjustable by twisting and untwisting it for a perfect fit. With the wide assortment of custom bow strings available from reliable eBay sellers, it’s easy to find the exact type you need for your equipment. Once your equipment is ready, the bulls-eye is only a pull away.