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About B18 Pistons

Nothing beats taking your Honda out for a spin and listening to the revs of the B18 engine as you ride in and out of an empty road with the sight of blurred trees out your window. The only thing that can possibly surpass the feeling is a faster, stronger engine and what better way to start than high compression B18 pistons. Pistons are what transfer force in an engine to create the combustion, stock pistons have set specifications to deliver a balanced performance of both fuel economy and drivability. B18 turbo pistons deliver lower compression to allow larger turbochargers to be installed and tuned. If compression ratios are to high the engine can develop a knock that can eventually damage its internals make it unusable. B18 high compression pistons have a more aggressive design to them and deliver more power. High compression is better for naturally aspirated engines as power is derived from its internal components. There are many B18 pistons available to consider when building your engine. Fortunately reliable sellers on eBay offer large inventories of new and used parts making the tedious task of buying pistons as easy as a "click" away.