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About Antique Keys

It may be the key to your heart, an old trunk, a jail cell, or the city. An antique key is as unique as the lock it opens. A vast inventory of antique keys is available on eBay, each unique, some ornate and artistic. Choose from vintage clock keys you can use to wind antique clocks or decorative keys, such as baroque, rococo keys that are more ornate than utilitarian. An antique key display can make a unique statement in your decor. Some antique keys have markings signifying the country of origin and are made from steel, brass, or iron. Often, antique brass skeleton keys are replicated and collected by those who like the design and symbolism of a key. Replicas of large antique keys are used for display, novelty keychains, or wall key holders. Antique keys are considered either a bit if they have a solid shank or a barrel if they are hollow, while a skeleton key is a specific key designed to unlock many locks rather than just one.