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Get access to all the streaming services in one place with an Android tv box. After all, there is no reason to tie your TV, video & audio devices to your phone or laptop or netbook just to watch your favorite show.

About Android TV Boxes

You have had the same television for a while, but are interested in having access to a few more bells and whistles than you currently have without buying a brand new television. You have heard about Android TV boxes from friends, and the streaming media player sounds like an excellent addition to your entertainment setup. Go basic with Android 2.3 TV boxes, and you are ready to start watching television shows, movies, and videos available on Netflix, Hulu Plus, and YouTube. You can also play games, listen to music, and download Android apps onto the media player. If you want more capabilities including access to high-definition 1080p video, go big with Android 4.0 TV boxes instead. Featuring a 3D graphics accelerator, the 4.0 TV Box allows you to play your favorite graphic-intensive games. Of course, Google's Nexus Player should not be overlooked in your search for a device. It features everything the Android TV boxes are so popular for, and also offers a voice-activated remote and multi-player gaming. You can find the Android device of your choice from reliable sellers on eBay, and use it to turn your older television set into a smart television.