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About Abaya

The perfect fashion example of simplicity meets mystique is a woman clad in black from head to foot. While the traditional robe, or "abaya" in Arabic, is still an important part of Muslim culture, especially in the Arab world, this long, caftan-type garment has evolved tremendously when it comes to style. The dress is available in a range of fabrics, including cotton, crepe, jersey, and even silk, to suit different climates. Many religious women wear an overhead abaya, which may be one-piece or a separate headpiece, called "niqab," in addition to the flowing robe. The headpiece is traditionally made of see-through black mesh material that covers the face, but fashion-conscious ladies can match the color of their head scarf to their handbags, shoes, and other accessories. The Khaleeji abaya is two-layered, with a fitted, long-sleeved dress under a loose chiffon gown. The outer layer has butterfly sleeves and a belt to tighten the waistline. This outfit is worn at weddings, with heavy embroidery at the neckline and cuffs. In Saudi Arabia, it is compulsory for all women, including non-Muslim foreigners, to wear the abaya as a mark of respect to the local culture. Browse through the vast inventory on eBay and find the ideal everyday outfit or be well-prepared before your visit.