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About 7 String

When you decided to learn to play, you grabbed your father's seven-string guitar because the easy route had never appealed to you. It took longer to master the instrument, but, when you did, it was well worth the trouble. When you auditioned for a Jazz band, it was your skill with a seven-string acoustic guitar that got you the spot and gave you the nickname, "Seven Fingers Tom." The extra string of a seven-string guitar is meant to extend the bass or treble range of a regular six-string guitar. In a band, this type of acoustic guitar can easily match a bass guitar note for note. When you decided to wield an acoustic-electric guitar, the obvious choice was an Ibanez seven-string guitar. Although this Ibanez guitar has a pickup, an onboard preamp, and tuners, its seven D'Addario strings produce an unmistakable acoustic sound. You can find this impressive guitar among the wide selection of electric and acoustic guitars offered by reputable sellers on eBay.

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