wireless smoke detector camera

Choosing the Right Smoke Detector Camera to Keep Your Family Safe

Smoke detector cameras are a great way to protect the home with devices that blend into their environments. Hidden smoke detector cameras provide you with an option to install a unit that hides in plain sight, bringing extra protection to homes and businesses, and eBay has a great selection of smoke detector cameras to choose from, including ones that record audio. Here are some tips if you're planning on buying one.

Should you choose color or black-and-white cameras?

Most smoke detector cameras record video in color, although some models record in black and white. Most devices automatically switch from color to black and white during low-light conditions. Choose options that can handle both 720p and 1080p modes that will display colors more accurately, which is key in cases where identification of people or objects on the screen is necessary.

Should you go for wired or wireless options?

Smoke detector cameras are available in both hardwired and wireless options. Wireless options are ideal in temporary settings where you're monitoring a space for the short term and you don't want to install any type of permanent wiring. For longer-term, more permanent settings, hardwired options are preferred. Because cameras are very power-hungry, hardwired options can be counted on to keep running when they're needed the most. Also, wired options are usually always connected to their power sources whereas wireless options have to run off some sort of battery power.

Is motion activation necessary with a smoke detector camera?

Motion activation is an excellent option for people who are on the go and need to have access to what's going on in their homes or businesses while they're not on the premises. Certain circumstances require immediate action, and having the option to be notified whenever movement is detected in your space can help you respond to issues much sooner.

Where are some places to put a smoke detector camera?

There are a number of really great places to install your smoke detector camera, including the following:

  • Entrance hallway: Place the detector in the hallway entrance of your home so that you can see who's coming and leaving even when you're not there.
  • Children's rooms: Place it in your children's room so that you know that they're always safe when you're in another part of the home.
  • Cash registers: Use it at your business near the cash register areas so that you can keep an eye on your cash and assets.