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Frequently Asked Questions About the Wii Fit Plus Bundle

"Wii Fit Plus" is an enhanced remake of the original "Wii Fit" exercise game. Released by Nintendo in 2009, the game is exclusive to the Wii video game console. It combines exercise, balance, and strength training into a series of entertaining activities.

Does the game have multiplayer?

"Wii Fit Plus" is largely geared toward the single-player experience, but some of the mini-games allow you to take turns with up to eight players with a single balance board.

Is "Wii Fit Plus" compatible with the Wii U?

Yes, both the game and the balance board are compatible with Nintendos successor console the Wii U. The experience should be similar to playing it on the original console. You can also transfer all your game saves if you started playing the game on the original console.

What is the benefit of the "Wii Fit Plus" bundle?

The "Wii Fit Plus" bundle comes with a copy of the game and the Wii Balance Board accessory that is absolutely necessary to play the game. Although you can purchase the game separately, you will likely want to buy the inexpensive bundle on eBay if you dont already own a balance board. Otherwise, you will have to buy the board separately.

What are some features of "Wii Fit Plus"?

"Wii Fit Plus" utilizes the balance board to measure the players weight and center of balance. This feature is used to gauge the players efficacy in a number of balance and exercise activities. The game features more than 40 activities from the original game in addition to 15 more unique balancing and aerobic games, three Yoga activities, and three strength-training exercises. Examples of possible exercises include the warrior Yoga pose, hula hoops, and a tightrope walk. Besides these activities, "Wii Fit Plus" also comes with the following features:

  • Body test:The game calculates the players Body Mass Index and balance control to determine a "Wii Fit Age," meaning users general fitness in terms of their efficacy at the game. Players can create a profile and track their stats over time.
  • Calorie burning counter:This feature shows how many calories you are burning throughout the course of your workouts. You can also set daily goals for yourself.
  • Custom fitness routines:You can choose from one of the pre-existing routines to help you improve in specific areas, or you can create your own customized fitness routines that combine multiple activities together in any order you want.
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