wholesale sunglasses

Choosing the Right Wholesale Glasses

Are you someone who breaks their sunglasses often or just wants to have a couple of pairs for friends and family. You can purchase glasses in bulk to have that extra pair when something happens to the one you are wearing.

What are the specific frames of different sunglasses?

When you purchase wholesale glasses and want to have more colors, you can choose a brand that offers many different color variations of a single frame. The frames can also have additional accessories to them like brand logos in gold. Frames can be made of light metal materials or plastic. Some combine the two materials.

Do wholesale sunglasses come in different styles?

Yes, they come in many different colors. Besides the different color variations, the frames come in different styles. These are often dependent on the shape of the eye rim. The shapes can be oval, rectangular, round, or square. Designer sunglasses are often a combination of these shapes and each designer has their particular shape such as the aviator frame. Further, some glasses have only half frames leaving the bottom part of the glass uncovered by a rim.

Are the lenses of the glasses all black?

Like the frames and rims, the lens of the glasses varies greatly. In fact, you can purchase a couple of different lens colors within a single wholesale collection. The classic black color of lens is most common, but there are also blue, brown, gray, green, pink, and silver lens colors. Different levels of shading can be found for those that prefer a lighter or darker lens. There are many lenses that have a couple of colors blended in them. Some sunglasses, like the aviator ones, have a completely opaque silver lens that refracts the most amount of light coming towards it. These types of lens are good for people who spend their time out in very strong and direct sunlight.

How do you find the right temple length?

Like clothes, wholesale sunglasses are slightly different in size although they are mostly the same. Some people have smaller faces and very big sunglasses will look awkward. The most important value for measuring frame sizes is the temple length. The different lengths can be:

  • 115 - 130 millimeters
  • 131 - 139 millimeters
  • 140 - 150 millimeters

Since the arms of the glasses will hold them in place, you want to estimate how long the length from your temples to the top of your ear is.